A strong increase in fast internet connections, the growing need for online entertainment and new technical possibilities was the reason for the founding of Maxx-XS.

The Breulburcht

The building in which Maxx-XS has established itself, the Breulburcht, has a promonent place in Dutch history. And that is still visible today: walls of four meters thick protect the inside. This makes the Breulburcht a unique building and a monument in the area.


After the war, the building was used for various purposes. Eventually the Breaulburcht became the communication center for Dutch air defense. With such a post-war history in communication, Maxx-XS naturally feels more at home in the building. Ands as diverse as the history of the building, as diverse are the possibilities of Maxx-XS.


Despite the many attempts to demolish the building in the past, the Breulburcht is still standing. Maxx-XS is still enjoying the remarkable and safe accommodation to this day. Thanks to the secure storage of servers, the continuity of realized video services can be better guaranteed. A guarantee that allows the consumer to have access to the content offer at all times.